Overview of Your Skin


As a client, you can learn a lot about your skin during a facial. Our esthetician will analyze your skin to see which kind of facial treatments are best for you. Here's a look what happens during a skin analysis and what you stand to learn.

Visual check

Long before any creams or mask go on your face, our esthetician will take a look at your face. He or she will look for oily patches, dry spots, redness and fine lines. You'll also fill out a quick form that lets them know a little more about your skin.


The first step in a facial is to cleanse your skin. During this step, all the makeup and dirt is removed. With a clear palate our esthetician can get a better look at your skin and it's overall appearance.

Magnifying lamp

With your skin bare, they will look at your skin under a magnifying lamp. This shows our esthetician any skin irritations or imperfections that aren't visible by the naked eye. You'll be told what's good about your skin and what can be done to improve it. A facial treatment is then suggested and once you've agreed to it the relaxing part begins.

Don't be afraid to ask questions about your skin's condition or your skin type so you can better treat your skin in between facial appointments.