Red Lips Are Always in Style


Make a statement with classic red lips. For those women who love keeping it simple with a natural-toned lipstick or lip gloss, wearing red lipstick can seem frightening. Maybe you love how it looks on other people, but feel it's too bold for you. With the following tips, you'll find that red really isn't that scary, and you actually look pretty darn good with those movie-star lips.

When thinking about luscious red lips, the first thing to keep in mind is that everyone can wear red lipstick, but there isn't one shade of red that's right for everyone. Choosing the right shade of red is the key to looking fabulous and not drag-a-licious. The easiest way to find the right shade for you is to apply the lipstick only to the top lip and compare the color against your lower lip. If the shade is one or two shades lighter or darker than your natural lip color, then you've found yourself a winner.

Another way to find your best color is to look for the hues in the lipsticks. Take a white piece of paper with you shopping, and use it to test the lipsticks. Mark the lipstick on the white paper to determine if the lipstick has a blue, orange, wine or brown-based hue.

Fair-toned gals should go for shades that have a blue undertone, like cherry and crimson. If you have more of an olive or medium skin tone, look for a shade that has an orange-base, like apple or fire-engine red. Dark-complexioned vixens should go for dark, vampy shades of red like garnet, wine or burgundy. If you're still unsure, schedule a consultation with a certified makeup artist to help determine the best shade for you.

Once you've found your one-of-a-kind red, it's time to prep your kissers for a smooth application. Apply some petroleum jelly to your lips and use a toothbrush to massage your lips, using circular motions. The toothbrush will exfoliate your lips, removing dead skin, while the petroleum jelly leaves lips feeling soft. Wipe off, and you're ready to create those red carpet lips!

Avoid looking like a beat down clown by keeping the rest of your makeup simple. You don't want anything to compete with those iconic lips. They are, after all, the star of the show.

Spring Beauty With Ease


With daylight saving time upon us, warmer weather is just on the horizon and it's time to freshen up our sense of style. Spring is all about flaunting your natural beauty and putting a fresh face forward. Follow the directions below to create your fresh, flawless look:

  1. Prep skin for a smooth makeup application with a good facial primer.
  2. Instead of using a foundation, opt for a tinted moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or higher. Tinted moisturizers blend easier than foundations, giving a smooth, even finish.
  3. Use a concealer that matches your skin tone exactly to hide under-eye puffiness and other imperfections.
  4. Reduce shine and set your makeup with a loose powder.
  5. Create a soft wash of cheek color with a peach or rose blush. Use circular strokes starting from the apples of the cheeks, along the cheekbones and towards the temples.

Now that you've enhanced your natural beauty, it's time to compliment your fresh-face look with a modern nude eye. The modern nude eye is all about tight liner and lush lashes. Create the modern nude eye by following the directions below.

  1. Prep lids with an eye shadow primer and simply sweep a light, neutral shade of eye shadow all over lids.
  2. Optional:  Use eye liner and sweep along the upper lash line.
  3. Finish the look by applying two coats of black mascara.

This fresh look will have you radiating with a natural glow. Continue to carry the natural look forward with either a nude lip gloss or a light pink lip color. Full of versatility, this look can be worn to the office, on a date or even to a pool party.

Firming Facial


Battling fine lines and wrinkles? A facial could be your answer. During a facial, you'll be covered with a mask that that stimulates your skin. The stimulation helps revive tired spots and encourages the cells below to firm up. Adding regular facials to your skincare routine is a great way to keep wrinkles at bay, but doing some at-home maintenance in between appointments will help too. Here are a few things you can do to keep your facial skin firm:


While some women swear by firming serums, they aren't a cure-all. If you like a certain kind of firming product, use it. If you're not in love with an anti-aging product, you should at least keep your face moisturized. Apply a quality moisturizer to wrinkle-prone areas, like the corner of your eyes and around your mouth. Moisturizing increases elasticity and decreases the likelihood of wrinkles.

Facial exercises

In between facial appointments, facial exercises might not be a bad idea. Some dermatologists believe you can prevent additional wrinkles from appearing by doing a few weekly exercises. For example, to battle crow's feet, pull your eyes back at the temple and squeeze your eyes shut for 10 to 20 reps.

Ask our esthetician for more tips to keep your skin healthy and youthful.

Face Your Day With Beauty


When you look in the mirror, are you shocked by that tired, harried-looking person you see looking back at you? Do you look older than you feel? In trying to keep up with a busy household, a demanding job, as well as an active social life, it's easy to let self-care go by the wayside. One way to instantly renew your complexion while giving yourself a mini-break from the hustle of your regular routine is to take an hour or so to indulge in a facial.

Cleansing Away Skin Impurities

Even if you wash your face regularly, your complexion may look dull and drab. The solution is not to pile on the makeup, but to deal with the source of the problem, which are blocked pores from excess oil and debris. A facial will gently clear your pores and stimulate your circulation, to promote a healthy attractive glow that makes you look younger and more vibrant, whether you're wearing makeup or not.

Revitalizing Skin Renewal

As you age, the natural process of skin cell turnover and renewal naturally slows down. The result can be a buildup of excess skin cells that can promote the look of wrinkles and other visible signs of aging. However, a facial treatment can not only eliminate excess dead skin cells, but it can also stimulate the process of skin-renewing collagen. With regular facial treatments, your skin will look and behave more like the skin you had when you were younger.

Looking and Feeling Great

In addition to all the practical benefits you gain from receiving a professional facial, the process just feels great. As you lean back and close your eyes, the action of our aesthetician massaging your face can ease tension, causing a deep sense of relaxation. You may even be tempted to fall asleep. Whether you doze off or not, once the work is finished, you will emerge looking fresh and renewed -- and feeling just as great as you look!

Overview of Your Skin


As a client, you can learn a lot about your skin during a facial. Our esthetician will analyze your skin to see which kind of facial treatments are best for you. Here's a look what happens during a skin analysis and what you stand to learn.

Visual check

Long before any creams or mask go on your face, our esthetician will take a look at your face. He or she will look for oily patches, dry spots, redness and fine lines. You'll also fill out a quick form that lets them know a little more about your skin.


The first step in a facial is to cleanse your skin. During this step, all the makeup and dirt is removed. With a clear palate our esthetician can get a better look at your skin and it's overall appearance.

Magnifying lamp

With your skin bare, they will look at your skin under a magnifying lamp. This shows our esthetician any skin irritations or imperfections that aren't visible by the naked eye. You'll be told what's good about your skin and what can be done to improve it. A facial treatment is then suggested and once you've agreed to it the relaxing part begins.

Don't be afraid to ask questions about your skin's condition or your skin type so you can better treat your skin in between facial appointments.