About Me



Becoming an esthetician was a natural career choice for me. From an early age, I remember having a small pink suitcase filled with Avon samples my mother would give to me. I loved the smells of all the lotions, the little white lipstick tubes, eye shadow and perfumes. We lived in sunny Florida, and when I became a teenager I spent all my free time on the beach basking in the sun. Unfortunately, Avon didn't have sun block, and that would have defeated my purpose of getting the deepest dark tan possible three quarters of the year! I continued to be a sun lover until I had my first basal cell carcinoma. I have had five others since that time. After being diagnosed with my first skin cancer, I started researching skin types, skin care, aging, and had various procedures done in both my dermatologist's office and my plastic surgeon's office. I have had peels, IPL treatments, microdermabrasion, botox and have tried several fillers. It has taken quite a long time to even out my skin tone because of the extensive sun damage. Around the same time, I started making my own lotions and skin serums - my kids called me a 'Mad Scientist'! I continued to learn anything and everything  I could about the skin care, products, procedures, and anti-aging.


After high school I attended Jones College in Orlando, Florida, and became a Registered Medical Assistant. One of my first jobs after graduation was working for a plastic surgeon. I assisted in the the back office with patient procedures, surgeries, removing sutures, sterilizing equipment, sanitizing exam rooms, etc. That started a thirteen year career in various medical offices. When my last child was a senior in high school I decided to return to college. With the encouragement of my family and friends, I enrolled in the The Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics, one of the premiere institutions in the southeast. There is only one state which requires more hours to graduate than Georgia. I maintained an "A" average and had to complete 300 hours in JUST clinic time (where we worked on actual clients) to graduate. I also had a home studio where I continued to practice my skills on family and friends. In the last three years I have taken many advanced courses as well.


I am very blessed to have found my passion. I can assure you that I will give you 100% each and every time you are on my aesthetic table. If there is something going on that we need to research, I will do everything in my power to help you achieve the results you want. I will not waiver from my scope of practice. If I see something that I know I am unable to help you with, I will refer you to a dermatologist or other medical specialist. My hope is that when you first enter my room, you enter as a guest but you leave as a friend. I look forward to working with you!